"...Weko Polska..."

WEKO POLSKA SPOLKA z o.o. in Polen.

This new egg products plant has its seat in Moszczanka (Ostrowa, Wlkp); situated abt. 65 km from Wroclav (formerly called Breslau).

The production plant for which Weko Netherlands has served as a model, was fitted in 1999 strictly in accordance with EU-regulations Nr. 90/437/EG. Weko Polska is certified by the Polish Veterian Authorities and has obtained their consent to export her products to Western Europe. Weko Polska also produces for the Polish market, i.e. bakeries, meat- and sauces industry.

The high level of safety of the products is guaranteed by rigorous controls enforced by the own laboratory. The products that can be delivered are whole egg, egg yolk and egg white, with or without additives, packed in 10 kg bag-in-box to 500-1000 kg tanks and tankers of 25.000 kg.

The entry of Poland into the European Union as from May 1st, 2004, will offer Weko Polska prospects for direct delivery of her products to West-European customers in the food industry.